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Laptops have the advantage of being portable and can charge their batteries for hours anywhere, anytime. There are many problems we face, including the HP laptop battery draining at 0% after shutting off, which can have a big impact on your ability to do work. Below is a quick solution to the HP notebook power loss after shutting down.


Part 1: Why does My HP Laptop Battery Drain When I Turn It Off?


When the notebook turns off, the battery will lose power quickly. The drop may be as fast as ten percent if it's only been placed for a short period of time, which is much greater than what was expected. It is actually due to these two reasons:


1. The "Wake on LAN."


It is disabled by default in the notebook. You can disable Wake on Lan testing by going to Device Manager-> Network Cards Properties-> Advanced-> Shut Down Wake-On Lan.


2. A laptop that has a USB Charging Port remains in use even after being shut down.


These two reasons are why I have suggested two solutions.


1. Turn off Wake on LAN


1.1 Open the "Device Manager," select "Network Adapter," right-click the item, then choose "properties."


1.2 Check the "power management" box - allow the computer to turn off this gadget to save power.


1.3 Select "Advanced" in order to disable the "Wake-up" option.


Please note: If this option has been checked, any activity that occurs on the network will draw the battery from the adapter.


2. Disconnect the USB device


Many notebooks have the option to allow the USB connector to charge the mobile phone when it's turned off or is in sleep mode. A USB interface with this feature will display a lightning sign beside the port. Go to BIOS, Always select USB or Wake On USB and turn off this option.


To ensure that your hp laptop plugged in not charging does not consume power after shutting it down, please remove the USB cable with the charging function from the device after the laptop is turned off.


3. BIOS USB power setting, such as ThinkPad


To open the BIOS setup screen, press F1 first on the boot interface.


Second, open config.USB. Select the "Always-on USB" option. Next, change it to Disabled. Use F10 to save your settings and then exit the reboot. This is to turn off USB power supplies so that they don't power USB devices when they are turned off.


4. Disable fast startup


Sometimes, the quick startup can cause a hp drain after a shutdown. This combination of hibernation, shutdown, and startup features allows you to quickly start your computer. However, even though it is turned off, it can lead to battery drain.


Right-click the battery icon located in the lower right-hand corner and select Power Options.


The Power Options window is now visible. You can click the "What does this power button do?" link in the left pane.


Click "Change settings currently unavailable."


Deactivate the "Turn on Fast Startup(Recommended)" option. Click "Save Changes."


5. Confirm that your computer's power is off. 


Sometimes the computer will stop shutting down. However, you can close the top covering of the computer, and the computer will go to sleep. If the computer is in sleep mode, the power draw will be greater than when it is fully shut down.


Part 2 - HP Notebook-Testing and Calibrating the Battery


The battery drain protector is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7, HP laptops.


HP Hardware Diagnostics


1. If your computer won't turn on, press F2 several times, approximately once per second, until you see the HP PC Hardware UEFI menu.


If your computer does not start up normally, search HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Windows. To run as administrator, right-click the application from the search results.


2. To test components, go to the main menu and click "Component Test."


3. Click "Power" on the "Component Tests" page.


4. 2. Click on "Battery."


5. To run the battery test, click Run Once.


The battery test begins. It takes approximately 2 minutes. Battery calibration may take up to 4 hours, depending on how many batteries are used. Cancel at any time using the Escape (Esc]button


6. When the test is done, look at the first line on the Battery Check page. This will show the status of the battery.


Click on the main menu for more information, or click Battery Details if your battery fails.


If the battery is not checked, this window will display.


HP Support Assistant


1. Visit the HP Support Assistant website. Click the HP Support Assistant link to download HP Support Assistant.


2.Open HP Support Assistant on Windows.


3. Select "My device" to select your computer from a device list.


4. Select Troubleshooting and Repair and press the Battery Check button.


5. Wait for your battery check to complete.


6. Take a look at the HP Support Assistant results.



Part 3 - Other tips to prevent battery drain after your laptop has been turned off


1. Laptop battery may lose some power during the computer off to ensure that the device that supports the wake-up function is functioning. You don't need to be concerned about the speed at which your computer shuts down. A healthy battery uses about 1-2% power per day to shut down a laptop.


2. 2. If you have concerns about a battery failure, you can use battery detection software to test the health of your battery.


Refer to these references when testing batteries:


3. You can update your BIOS. The problem could be in your BIOS. Update your BIOS to correct hardware setup problems


4. Fast Startup can be disabled. The quick start option may help you solve this problem. This feature merges the shutdown with hibernation to make your computer boot quicker. It can also cause your laptops to go into an inoperable shutdown state and even consume battery power if it is powered off.


What does the icon for battery on a laptop represent?


Status Icon Color Battery


Orange 0% to 100% Charge


Green 100% Charge




What does the battery indicator signify?


Status of the LED Color Battery


Blue More Than 30 Percent Charge


Amber Between 10% & 30% Charge Remaining


Read Remaining at Less than 10%


Part 4 - HP battery drain after shutdown


1. The notebook motherboard's circuit is shorted or fails. This situation may need professional equipment to detect the current on the motherboard and other data to determine.


2. You can replace your laptop's battery if the life expectancy of the battery is exhausted. Online Notebook Accessories Wholesale Mall GEMWON/HP/Dell/MacBook laptop accessories (screen, keyboard) can help save money on replacing batteries.




The above solutions are meant to fix the serious problem caused by hp's battery drain when switched off. If you have further questions, please let us know by leaving a comment below.


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